2016 TILES

Tile with the characteristic shipyard cranes, embedded in Gdynia 54.5174, 18.54031


Malarka’s artwork embedded in the perfect surrounding, Gdańsk Zaspa estate, Poland, 54.3882, 18.60208


Artwork referring to the history of Kraków, the royal capital of Poland, embedded at 50.0646, 19.92605


Dedicated artwork embedded in Hamburg, Germany, 53.56142, 9.96135


Painting for Wrocław, Poland, the city best-known for its colourful square and home to over a 160 figurines of dwarfs, embedded at 51.11039, 17.02461.


Tribute to J. M. W. Turner and the british Bobby lembedded at 51.53986, -0.15023


Artwork dedicated to Łódź, the city in Poland, best know for its once thriving textile industry / failed to stick to the wall