Malarka (‘Paintress’ in Polish) is my pseudonym and artistic project. I create artworks on ceramic tiles, that are dedicated to people and places.
These small artistic forms enable me to pursue two favorite activities: painting combined with the design of signs and posters. With time, all the visited places became inspiration for new works. Cities in which Malarka’s artworks can be found today are Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Wrocław and many more. At the heart of creating these dedicated tiles is the need to express myself and ​​embedding them in the public space allows me to leave the art studio and and connect with people.


Tiles and their locations / photographic documentation gathered around a map / part of the exhibition at Rotational Culture Centre in Warsaw

The latest series, presented in the Rotational Culture Center, are works inspired by the artist’s hometown – Warsaw. They are an attempt to capture the characteristic points of the city – both physical and cultural – and capturing them in the form of dedicated artistic work.