Graphic designer, painter and a bit of a geek. Lives & works in Warsaw, Poland.
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Education & scholarships

2006 – 2012 Master of Arts degree – top grade with honours at Graphics Faculty, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland

2010 Artist residency, BizArt Space, Shanghai, China

2010 Scholarship for poster workshops, International Graphics Festival, Echirolles, France

2009/2010 Scholarship in Paris, France, Printed Image Faculty, Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Décoratifs

2009 Scholarship for Interactive site-specific installations, Ljubljana,  Slovenia

Selected exhibitions & awards

2021 – “𝕿𝖊𝖒𝖕𝖚𝖘 𝕱𝖚𝖌𝖎𝖙 – Malarka” solo painting exhibition, Sen Nocy Letniej, Warsaw, Poland
2019 – ‘マラルカ / Malarka’ solo painting exhibition – Art For Thought, Tokyo Ginza, Japan
2018 – “Malarka na Jazdowie/Paintress at Jazdów” solo painting exhibition, RDK – Rotational Culture Centre, Warsaw, Poland
2017 – “different takes” solo painting exhibition,Town Hall Art Gallery, Municipal Center of Culture, Legionowo, Poland
2015 – 2017  “Malarka” ceramic tile display, i.a. Lisbon, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, London, Warsaw
2016 – Solo graphics & painting exhibition, Hugonówka, Konstancin, Poland
2014 – ‘Colorically’ Painting Exhibition, New York Gallery, Curator: Sylwia Mańko
2014 – ‘Bravo Lovely’ Painting exhibition, Radna 6/8 Gallery, Warsaw
2014 – ‘Make it on the square vol. 4’, Graffiti Jam, Warsaw
2014 – ‘Movements’ & ‘the Family’, Solo painting exhibition, Basilia, Warsaw
2014 – ‘bARTer, images for exchange’ project, Blok Żab. atelier, Warsaw
2013 – Poster exhibition, ‘Night of the Museums in the Block’, Blok Żab. atelier, Warsaw
2012 – Poster exhibition ‘Performeria Warszawy’, Squat Przychodnia, Warsaw
2012 – Poster exhibition, 23rd International Poster Biennale in Warsaw
2012 – Poster exhibition ‘Turboposter’, Między Nami, Warsaw
2011 – Exhibition, Night of the Museums, GPW, Warsaw
2011 – Exhibition ‘Drawings from Graphics’ Klatka Gallery, Warsaw
2011 – Poster exhibition, Przy Automacie Gallery, Warszawa
2010 – Installation, exhibition in BizArt Gallery, Shanghai
2010 – Poster exhibition, 4th International Student Poster Biennale in Nowy Sad
2010 – Poster exhibition, International Graphics Festival, Echirolles
2010 – finals, european poster competition ‘The river and the city’, Vitry-sur-Seine, France
2009 – „We are for sale” happening, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
2009 – Interactive installations, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2008 – Nagroda Rektora ASP w Warszawie, Konkurs Grafika Warszawska, galeria TEST
2008 – Painting exhibition, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Warsaw


2020 – “Project: Malarka. Joanna Koziej and her unique street art.” interview in Uroda Życia magazine / DECEMBER 2020 NR 10 (72)
2016 – overview of my old and latest artwork, ‘eleWator’ quarterly magazine about literature and culture.

Member of the Polish Graphic Artists Association