Malarka (‘Paintress’) is my artistic alias & atelier dedicated to creating images for places and people. It started of as a ‘forget-me-not’/’want-to-give-something-in-return’ street art project during one holiday trip. I painted a set of ceramic tiles and fixed them on walls, so they would correspond with the surroundings. With time, all the places from my travels became an inspiration for new works. In each painting I play with shapes of iconic monuments, sights and colors or refer to the historical background. The cities in which Malarka’s artworks can be found today are Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Warsaw, Riga and many more…

The idea of embedding dedicated artwork in the public space became a way to leave the studio, express myself and connect with the world. Today the whole experience is an inseparable part of my travels and the project is growing with every visit.


Desert tile embedded in HaMakhtesh HaGadol, cliff over the crater, Israel, 30.97175, 34.97652


Tile dedicated to the Art Nouveau city of Riga, Latvia, 56.9581, 24.11898


Artwork dedicated to Łódź, the city in Poland once best know for its once thriving textile industry


Malarka’s tile depicting contrast of graphic structures with the aerial gradient.


The artwork for Westfjords, Iceland, placed on the side of monumental power line, 65.58441, -22.15655


Malarka’s tile inspired by the lands and skies of Iceland


Tile painted by Malarka for the magical Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland, 64.7455, -23.71841


Abandoned House of the Mage with the dedicated tile, Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland, 64.7455, -23.71841


Artwork painted for the magnificent tides in A Coruña, Spain


Malarka’s first ever embedded tile, A Coruña, Spain, 43.36875, -8.4078


Another tile by Malarka dedicated to the Baltic port of Gdynia, Poland


Embedded tile in Gdynia with the characteristic shipyard cranes, Poland, 54.5174, 18.54031


Artwork with a mosaic portait in silver and red, dedicated to the divided city of Nicosia, Cyprus


Artwork embedded at the border in Nicosia, Cyprus, 5.17472, 33.36463


Artwork referring to the history of Kraków, the royal capital of Poland


Artwork by Malarka embedded in Kraków, Poland, 50.0646, 19.92605


Artwork by Malarka dedicated to the canal city of Hamburg, Germany


Dedicated artwork embedded in Hambourg, Germany, 53.56142, 9.96135


Artwork inspired by the colorful buildings of Gdańsk Zaspa, Poland.


Malarka’s artwork embedded in the perfect surrounding, Gdańsk Zaspa estate, Poland, 54.3882, 18.60208


Painting for Wrocław, Poland, the city best-known for its colourful square and home to over a 160 figurines of dwarfs


Malarka’s artwork embedded in Wrocław, Poland, 51.11039, 17.02461


Check out the exact Malarka’s locations on the map below: